Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

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Memorial of Michael Shannon

Michael was a fine man. He was a model image of a writer; always nice to everyone, and ever so curious and inventive. His passing is a terrible tragedy for not just his friends, but to whole community: His influence could not only be felt by upper classes and educated readers, but also amongst the common men and working class that Michael so vividly entertained during his regular visits in various cafes and clubs.

Everyone familiar with Michael is welcome. The memorial is held in Corval Str. 216, 12 o’clock on Sunday, 23rd of January.

Worth mentionin is that Michael had written autobiographical pieces about his recent ideas and experiences. These texts were found after his passing with a note that the works should be published were he to pass away. To honor his will, the memorial will also be the publishing of his works, and some of these texts will be read here as a tribute to the writer Michael was.


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