Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

Session Recap 10: Guns, Goons, More Guns

Guns, Goons, More Guns

Friends still in the sewers and Irish gangster are starting to get too nosy about me and this car at the alley, come on Parker and Beggard. Come on…

I had to leave this place and my friends down there. I was worried of them, but they both know how to survive. And what could be down there, except rats and few drunken bums?
I left Parkers car next to his office, left note, and told Mike to contact me when Parker shows up. I took a cab back to north. Atleast there I could rest for the moment. Ashley was reading one of my books, when I get back. Letters from the Europe, war stories. Book that proves, 16 years old can write a realistic book.

Next day night, I got a phone call. I was very sure it was Mike but no. I was suprised, it was Rex. He asked me to meet him at Green Mill Garderns. In there Rex told me that he needed a PR guy for his upcoming match, atleast he needed cash, 150 dollars so he could bet them for himself. Smart move and I said I’ll think about it.

I had to slide away this conversation because I saw Beggard sitting one of the tables here. He was alright, but he has seen something that he couldn’t belive real. You can see things like that when you look at someone. Frank told me that when I had experienced same kind of think, back in New York.

We where talking with Beggard and his friend Brian, when I heard anxious talking by the door. Rex was there with this suit guy and his three goons. Goons seems familiar… Danner Jack… If things start heating up, I’ll not stay here. Last time with those guys was luck. Took a few more seconds and Rex knocked this suit guy on the ground and I started moving. I knew that behind the bar is secret door to next building. Builted for the raids. I left this place and when I didn’t hear any gunfiring, which started right after I step down to a tunnel, I went out to the streets.

I started walking home, Beggard walked with me. Now we had chance to talk. And I was right. He saw something down there that he could now believe and they find something too. Notebook, where was text I have writed down when I came to this city but something wasn’t right. First notes was right, and the last one wasn’t. Beggard and Parker though that I have been down there and lost my book there. I had to tell Beggard what I have seen in this city before we even met, I promised two different directions, that I don’t talk about White City events, but I had to do it. I had to earn Beggard’s and Parker’s trust back… At the end of our conversation we decided to start investigating this building where those Irish man where with their guns and what this blackline really where…

Next day at the library, Beggard was few hours late and he was with detective Yardland. Well, last night we agreed that it would be just a two of us, Me and Beggard. Well extra hands and mind would hurt us and Yardland knows things. After few hours me and Beggard went to Hall of Records to look town plannings and to look data about that building. In there, I didn’t believe my eyes. Parker doing research in here, not in his whiskey bottle with his liver like he usually does.

Few more hours and we where done. We had formal owner, few other owners. What company does, and exact location of train accident. We headed out, and I saw concierge pick up her phone and she made a phone call. My senses told me that something was not right and when we stepped out I heards cars speeding. Few seconds later I saw those cars and those man with their Tommy guns pointing our direction. Luckily Beggard noticed them too and we jumped back inside. One bullet scratched my leg a pit but nothing serious. Yardland runned in with his gun ready, but we told him that shooters where gone already. And then I realize. Rusty was here too and we got shooting here. What could have happend at his office?

Well I was right about that one too. CafĂ© Noirs windows where exploded to pieces. Bullet holes everywhere and Rusty laying on ambulance. He was alive, but he took more that one bullet inside his guts…

Irish people tried to scary us, but they made a huge mistake. Now we know that we are on the right trace.

Alexander orton


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