Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

Session Recap 11: Good to meet you, Mr. Capone

It was the day after the brawl at Green mill. I had three bullets removed from my abdomen under 12 hours ago. Damn gangsters, bullet wounds take a lot longer to heal than bruises. This might screw my training schedule for a day or two. At least I got a reason to relax for a day. I really should get one of those “bulletproof” vests.

I got a call. Jack wanted to meet me. He picked me up at my apartment and drove us to a tailor with John. I had no idea what we were doing there. I went in and saw Al Capone. He wanted to see us, because we fended off the gangsters at Green Mill Gardens. He wanted to thank and reward us. I drank expensive whiskey, got some money in my pocket and a fancy, custom made suit. Mr. Capone and Jack told me to take a few weeks off work, so I can focus on my upcoming match. I knew Mr. Capone was a good man, but this exceeded my expectations. I just did my job.

After that we went partying with Jack, John, Frank and some girl. I could not relax. The gangsters at Green Mill were trying to kill Jack. I am sure they will try again. John and the girl seemed close. They were dancing. Jack was being Jack. I’m quite sure he danced with every woman in the club at least once. Lola was at the stage. I might not see her in Green Mill for a while. She was singing when the brawl started. I need to be faster when dropping gangsters, so the club would not even notice fighting at the door.

Then Lola came to our table. She was a nice lady. I talked about boxing the whole time. Only later I realized that she was hitting on me, I think.

After that I went home and finally went through my bills. I actually had money to pay the bills. It was a good feeling. I saw myself in the mirror, with the fancy suit. I looked like fine man, with money in his pocket. Then I took the suit off, only to notice my bandages were red from blood. Damn, ripped my stitches. And I remembered, that half of the money I have is Chalky’s money, not mine. Damn him.

I am not a fancy businessman. I’m a fighter. And that will be my role until the match is over.

Rex Mclean


Honk1n Janibala

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