Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

Session Recap 12: Death Of Mickey Carpender and the aftermath

Today is going to be a big day. It is Mickey‘s 50th birthday. The whole gym is participating in the organizing process. My job was to get the “firewater” to the party. I’m glad Jack had a few extra barrels. I went to the gym and followed my training schedule like I should. When Mickey went out for a while, we started decorating and getting the place ready for guests. An hour or two before Mickey should show up, people started rolling in. Holy crap, I did not know this many was invited. There were maybe a hundred or so people. Photographers, journalists, Mickeys friends and war buddies. Some random people too. Then we surprised Mickey and sang him a song.

Lola and her band came too. I made sure that Lola had everything she needed. I even made her a private room from one of the locker rooms. Everyone was having a good time and socialising. I talked with Jack. He is going to lay low for a while. I was worried that the other bouncers at Green Mill would not be capable to fend of gangsters like I did. I talked with Orton about the PR thing. I dont think I really need a PR guy, unless the odds shift a lot. I was just going to loan the money I need, but then Yardland took Orton somewhere.

Lola started singing and I was mesmerized. I forgot who I was and where I were. When the song ended I woke up to the harsh reality, that I should be making sure the party was running. I did not see Orton or Yardland at the party anymore. Rusty had left too. Some creep tried to harass Lola in her private room. I almost snapped at him. If he would have went any further I would have beaten the crap out of the creep. When the party was ending, Mickey went to his office. Lola wanted a slow dance with me. It was fun. Once again my world slowed down and I forgot about the surrounding world.

Until I heard the humming. I had heard it before, at the train station. I heard it now form Mickeys office. I told Lola “I’m sorry I have to go” and started moving towards the office. Then I heard three gunshots. I started running. I kicked Mickeys door in and saw him. He had been shot. He fell and grasped an old photograph on the table. I ran to him. He told me that his old sins were coming back to haunt him. The shooter had already escaped.

I woke up the next morning. I had trashed my home in anger. The question raced my mind. “Why?”. Why he did this, why Mickey was murdered, why did he deserve to die. I stared at the photograph. It was a picture of the 77th HQ members. The picture had a list of names behind it. They should know something. I need to find out who did this and why. I called rusty. He or at least someone of his friends had investigated the train station murderer “hummingbird”.

I met him at Cafe Noir and gathered some info. We started to go through the list of names. I checked Henry Loeb, the doctor. He was not useful. Then we went to McCaskey mansion. Something had happened there too. Orton had disappeared and some girl went missing too.

We only got more leads. We went to Richard McCaskey’s apartment to find the bastard. The doorknob had been melted slightly. Rusty took out his gun and went in. Paranoid bastard. Inside the house was a woman dressed in a funeral dress. She was crying. I tried to comfort her, but I soon noticed that was a mistake. Her tears burned like acid and she would not listen to reason. I had to punch a woman. The first punch felt bad. But when she did not drop, nor did she stop, I knew something was really wrong. She might not be a human being. It was confirmed after she attacked rusty and he dropped unconscious.

Rusty just blacked out for a while and I tried to hold her off. Rusty ran back to the car and brought a shotgun. This thing got really serious, really fast. It took a few shots to put her down. Her dress vanished. We were at Richard McCaskeys apartment, with a naked, dead woman at our feet. We knew we had to run like hell, because this is almost impossible to explain. We just drove the hell out of there. Damn, I forgot my bike in there. I need to go and get it back before someone recognizes it.

We had another lead. A professor in the local school. We got his number and went back to Cafe Noir. Rusty told me that some blokes had been following him and they were following us right now. Might be irish. When we parked at Cafe Noir, I went to the car that followed us and told them to stop, or I will bash their noses inside their skulls. Bastards acted like they did not know what I was talking about. Then one of them tried to shoot my head off. I grabbed the bastard out of the car and punched his lights out, while the driver escaped.

I’ve interrogated a few people, cycled to the other side of the city,killed a monster and captured an irish gangster. All that before lunch. This is going to be a rough day.


Honk1n Honk1n

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