George "Bugs" Moran

Head of North Side Gangs


Known for his keen sense of humor, sharp-wit and strong emotions Morans figure is the head of North Side Gangs. While not shooting Outfit lietnaunts from moving car with tommygun, he serves drinks as cheerful and open-handed bartender.

Moran is street-smart in the style of the pre-World War One gangsters; those rough and tumble brawlers who relied on their instincts alone and sneered that they’d never seen a bullet yet that was afraid of brains.


Born Adelard Cunin in St. Paul, Minnesota, “Bugs” Moran got his name and his nickname in Clark Street’s “Little Hell” where his temper and daring got him famous and imprisoned before he turned 21. Released in 1918, he became a safecracker and burglar, then went back to Joliet. Released again in 1923, he was now a full-fledged member of the North Side Gang, and somewhat less rash. Devoted to his wife, he projects an open-handed saloonkeeper image with no flash, and doesn’t run brothels. With O’Banion and Weiss both dead after failed, high-profile hits on the Outfit, Moran plays a defensive game against Capone for now.

George "Bugs" Moran

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