Henry McCaskey

Old Patriarch watching the fall of his family


Elder man, body weakened by years, but mind staying strong. Henry McCaskey is a large contributor to Chicago industry and political powerhouse in democratic party and doesn’t want to wither away. When presented public, he makes sure to dye his hair and mustache black to appear younger and stronger. He says that the cane in his hand is just for style reasons and it took many years for him to start using glasses in public.

His ailments left aside, Henry still has his spirit with him. Whenever on room, he runs the situation and doesn’t back down easily.


One of the major forces behind Mayor Burke (legal ones, that is) and forwarder of industry. On his later years he has left many of his companies to be run by others, but has started to look to future by founding Oisin Patents, employing many local Patent Scientists.

At Christmas 1926 his son was wounded and grandson killed in shootout at Union Station.

As for 1927 has been offered the Campaign manager position for Eoin “Battling” Burke.

Henry McCaskey

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