Josh Irons

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Joshua “Josh” Irons is a man who has lived most of his life following and upholding societies rules, only to witness as they corrupted and crumbled around him.

As a youngster he studied law under watchful eye of his father, who worked as a judge. There never was shortage of discipline or beatings in his youth and his future was already decided by his father, who didn’t want his only son to bring shame to family name. It was the same sense of right and wrong that Judge Irons beat into Josh, that made him to defy his fathers orders.

As Europe was torn apart by war, Josh chose to be his own man and enlisted, enraging his father who couldn’t understand why Josh would get involved to war that didn’t really concern them. For the first and last time Josh rose against his father as he left closing that door behind him for good.

In army his smarts and devotion to his mission got Josh promoted as officer and gave him men to command. Slowly but firmly he got their trust, until the day their British command dropped the ball. Josh followed his orders to the letter, only to have his squad pinned down with the promised support units nowhere to be seen. Losing most of his men left a doubt in his mind that he couldn’t shake and his military career stopped on its tracks.

Returning after war he ended up in CPD, looking for new start in the Windy City. He liked his job and took it seriously, but slowly the corruption, red tape and indifference of law started to weight on him. His detective colleague “Rusty” was pretty much his mirror image, but they both were frustrated by the system.

Finally they got knee deep in arcane happenings involving amnesia, cults and daemons. That broke Irons. He questioned his own mental health, he was doubting the system he had promised to uphold and his own sense of right and wrong was shattering.

It left him empty. It was time for change.

Starting P.I. office was his escape. Responsible only to himself and case he was working, navigating the grey area of law and sometimes even doing something good. Whiskey and dames became his escape from his feelings of doubt and emptiness.

Josh Irons

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