Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn

Capone's chief assassin, part owner of Green Mill Gardens


A darkly good-looking man and natural athlete (a pro-quality golfer, among other things), Vincenzo Gibaldi decided to box professionally under the name “Jack McGurn,” since Irish boxers got better bookings than Sicilian ones.


After gangsters killed his father, McGurn shot them all, leaving nickels in their hands. This theatrical touch got him noticed by Capone, who recognized McGurn’s potential as a torpedo. Right now, he’s Capone’s chief assassin, and a rival for second in command of the Outfit with enforcer Frank Nitti and accountant Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik.

McGurn has part ownership of a speakeasy jazz club, the infamous Green Mill, at 4802 North Broadway, in the middle of the rival “Bugs” Moran gang’s territory.

Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn

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