Mayor Eoin "Battling" Burke

Mayor of Chicago


A big man who carries himself like a prizefighter and wears a beard to cover mysterious scars on his jaw, Mayor Burke fills any room with his presence even before he starts glad-handing in his incongruously beautiful tenor voice. His tailored suits and goldtopped cane are familiar sights in Canaryville, where he relaxes with a drink or six as often as the pressures of campaigning and running the city will let him.


Chicago’s Mayor Eoin “Battling” Burke came to America from Ireland with a shadowy past including bare-knuckled boxing bouts and an outstanding warrant for anti-British agitation. He fell in with
Southwest Side Irish gangs and between his left hook and his gift of gab rapidly rose to the position of political fixer and eventually alderman in Canaryville, the Irish neighborhood east of the Stockyards. When the Democratic machine had to find a candidate against rabble-rousing Republican Mayor “Big Bill” Thompson, Burke got the nomination and won the 1923 election in a squeaker—both with helpful muscle and money from Dean O’Banion’s North Side Gang.

Mayor Eoin "Battling" Burke

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