Michael "Blank" Shannon

A writer who got too much too quick.


Man at his thirties, but his lifestyle has aged him well beyond that. Dresses up in his suit from his glory days that has been patched many times along the years.


Michael studied at Harvard at the same time with well known novellist Alex Orton. After finishing his studies, he wrote his first, and last, bestseller that offered cynical observation about fast paced development of technology and people trying to cope with it. It was more of science fiction than realism but it captured differend peoples view at the time very well. Money started flying to his hands. His ability to relate to people came from his outgoing lifestyle that got out of hand withing his success. When money wasn’t a problem his list of vices started growing quickly.

After spending his wealth he was left with many addictions but not even one fully finished chapter to his new book. It wasn’t long after his publisher gave him the boot.

But even when broke, “Blank” gets along pretty well with everyone. He was familiar face in almost every speaksey in Chicago and never he sits alone. When he can, he offers rounds around table, but his crediability starts to wear thin, as his cocaine addiction has put in considerable debt in both South and North side. Many have wondered how he even has gotten that much credit and how he hasn’t taken a dive to Lake Michigan yet.

Some say that around Christmas 1926 he mentioned about his new idea and that money would be a problem for long. Sadly nobody knows how he thought to manage this miracle as he was beaten and shot to death December 23rd at Union Station.

Michael "Blank" Shannon

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