Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

Session recap 8 (part three): Blackline

Raymond Parker & John Beggart

I have no idea where we are, and I’m not sure I even want to know. But I have a bad feeling that this is it. That we’re in Blackline, the last train stop before afterlife. After Yardland decided to ruin my and probably everyone else’s day by telling that monsters are real and the whole cult thing couple years back probably wasn’t some alcohol induced delirium, we (meaning me, Beggart and Orton) decided to reopen the case of the missing grandma out of some inexplicable sense of duty and morbid curiosity. Back in the Stakehouse, the old lady seemed like she was back in the land of the sane. She still talked about Blackline and how she had sold her brother to a man in red. She said that the man in the red suit appeared under a train crossing near the house of Sofia Clark. That was our first clue. We tracked down the place where the house was before it was demolished. The crossing obviously was long gone too. We asked the locals if they knew anything about the crossing, Halloran case or about Blackline. Most of them didn’t know squat about the case and dismissed Blackline as an urban legend. However, we did find out that in 1879, a train veered off the tracks and crushed a street car, killing dozens of people, near the place where Margaret’s brother disappeared. There were also rumors of a Satanic cult operating in the area back then, kidnapping people for sacrifice. Maybe they got the old lady’s brother too.

We found the place where the crossing used to be with relative ease. The only problem seemed to be that the Irish had a sizable operation going on in the area. Maybe that’s why they kidnapped Halloran. Maybe she was snooping around the area, trying to find Blackline to get her brother back, but the Irish thought that she was spying on them. Maybe the Micks don’t even know about Blackline, or they learned about it from Margaret. If that’s the case, I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Anyway, we thought that if the crossing and the train tracks still existed, they were below our feet, in the sewers. Me and Beggart descended into the darkness and Orton was left behind to guard the entrance (and my car) in case if the Irish fucks get too nosey.

After a while, things started to get strange. We heard noises, like a child talking. After God knows how long, we found something that probably shouldn’t be in the sewers in the first place. An old freight elevator and a sturdy vault door. Then we heard the footsteps. Shuffling, like someone with a lame leg. As we stepped around the corner, we saw them. Monsters. Human-like creatures with gray skin, pointed ears and sharp teeth and claws. There were at least six of them, so we decided to make a run for the vault door. Beggart jumped into the water, while I charged towards them, hoping to break through. They seemed to be afraid of the light from my flashlight. As I ran towards the door, I think I shot and killed one of them. We made it to the door and forced it open. Why the creatures didn’t follow us seeing they could move through walls and floors at will I do not know. Or maybe it’s because the monsters knew what was behind that door and were smart enough not to follow. As we closed the huge door, a loud screeching noise pierced my ears. There were people shouting, screaming, then a huge crashing sound. Then, more screaming. As an eerie silence set in, and we gathered ourselves, we noticed that our ears were bleeding. I think we just witnessed a train crushing a street car and it’s passengers. Or, at least a ghostly replay of it. We looked around, trying to figure where we had ended up, but no avail. It was a long tunnel, somewhat decrepit, but still it couldn’t be more than ten years old. We started walking deeper in to the tunnel and noticed that a cave-in had crushed a booth of some kind, maybe a guard booth. At the end of the tunnel, we turned left and there was an another vault door, but it was already open. As we stepped through, we saw dozens of people. No, not people, ghosts of people. Maybe the victims of the crash. They didn’t seem hostile, for now at least. There were also holding cells on the both side of this tunnel, and they were all open. There was a strange skeleton, laying on the tunnel floor, like a wolf-man of some sorts.

As I said, I have no idea where we have gotten ourselves into, and I think I’d rather not know. But I have strange feeling that we’re going to find out, whether we liked it or not…


Honk1n Honk1n

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