Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

Session Recap 13 - Rex: Science & Gangs & Occult with a sidedish of pain.

Parker and I interrogated the irishman. A bloody waste of time. Parker said he would drop the bloke to the irish territory. I had to go to the gym. Even though I have ran and fought all day, nothing beats punching a punching bag.

Why? Why did Kaufman kill Mickey? There is no good reason. If nothing happened in the war (other than, well, war), why would kaufman hold a grudge against his team? Did something happen after the war? Before the war? Maybe Kaufman just went crazy… No, a crazy man would not have a list, he would just kill blindly. Maybe it is an assassin pretending to be Kaufman? No, why would someone pretend to be Kaufman, there HAS to be better options… Actually, am I even sure Kaufman and “Hummingbird” are even the same person. Maybe Kaufman has a twin, a doppelganger of some sort. Maybe they got switched somehow in the war..

“Rex! Stop dozing off and hit the bag!” shouted Mickey’s voice
Rex looked around him. No one was shouting. The gym was empty.

Damn… I am going crazy. Or just thinking too much. Maybe both.

When I got home my phone was ringing. Compton told me to meet him at a museum. He was in some trouble. So I hopped on my bike and cycled to the meeting place. There were others too. Parker and Yardland showed up too. While they tried to find a backdoor to the museum, I met Tiny, an old acquaintance. We met a few years back. Anyways, the others found Compton.

Compton told us that he has a science doohickey that does science thingamajig. I did not really pay attention. But the irish wanted the machine and Compton. And they would take it by force, if needed. Our plan was to secure Compton and the machine, but we had to go to his house first. Tiny, Rusty and Compton went first, I followed with my bike. Yardland went to the station to dig some dusty archives.

When I got to the house, Compton was gone, Tiny was a “Hyde” and Parker had a three barreled shotgun. Yardland had appeared at the scene too. A few punches and choking gas later, we got the explanation.

My boss, Jack Mcgurn was at the house and gave Compton the same offer the irish had made earlier and left. Parker thought the best course of action is to kill Compton, so no one can get him and the science thingamabob, so Tiny tried to protect Compton, by drinking “Dannerjack” and turning to a “Hyde”. Compton escaped in panic and these two started the staredown. Then we got there.

I know Jack is a good man so his offer must be better too. Parker was ready to kill the man we were protecting so he would not have to deal with it. I went mad from hate against Parker and just started throwing punches. Then I noticed that Parker might not be a “normal alcoholic gun-toting private investigator with a bad case of the crazies”, but he was a freak of nature with invisible burning flames around him. I burned my hands, but knocked him out after a while.

I already heard the sirens. Yardland said he would handle this, while I tried to find Compton. Well, I found him and told him that Jack was a good man in my books. He agreed, I think. I escorted him back to his house to think about it. After that, I had to see Jack. If this Parker thing would go to court, there might be problems if his name is mentioned.

So I went to meet him. Told him about this ordeal to give him a notice before the cops started calling. He said he would take care of it. And gave me a package.

It was from Orton. He got me the money, but was “occupied” somewhere. Bah, you better be less “occupied” on the day of the match.

I remember the normal days, with usual problems and old routines. Now all I have is paranormal days, new problems and crazy routines.


Honk1n Janibala

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