Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

Session recap 9: The Aftermath

One of the session recaps. Not the first, neither the last.

“The day after”

Much had happened in where daylight doesn’t shine. Compared to the earlier, this was nothing and nothing at all, but it was unnatural to say the least. After years of silence, something had happened and triggered all this. What the trigger was, the walls had no idea about. It was not interest-worthy. All the walls wanted was peace. And this was no peace.
The intruders seemed to have found what they were after. The corridor was empty again; or rather, in it’s normal state. The rumbling had stopped, and all that was left were the naturally unnatural sounds.

Meanwhile, Greg was hungry. And tired. And hungry. He had a chance but… If everything wasn’t so dark…

As in, everything was back to normal. Normal. Hmh. But not to everyone.

“What the hell does this mean? And why for the sake of the bloody-god-hell-shit was it there?!!”, said the man to another.

“I don’t know. But maybe someone else does.”, the older answered.


Honk1n tsale

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