Edgar Yardland

A young police officer who has seen too much.


A handsome detective in his early twenties, who radiates an authority of a learned man. In his gaze, one can see wisdom atypical for a man of his age. A man of few words.

Fictional Literature:
Edgar reads a lot of fiction dealing with the supernatural and the weakness of man.
Instrument (Harmonica): He plays the harmonica, though not professionally.
Anatomy: He is interested in the anatomy of man and monsters.
Physics: Edgar is interested to know the exact sum of Newtons occurring when a train hits a werewolf, among other things.
The Weird West of North America: He knows that history hides many secrets and studies the apparent origin of the Reckoning to help him fight the Fear.

Dark Secret (Major):
Edgar has a dark secret which can’t be revealed.
Cautious (Minor): He prefers to know exactly what he’s getting himself into.
Shmuck (Minor): He’s obsessed with the supernatural, and listens to anyone with such worries. He also tends to search for a supernatural explanation for the mysteries.

Veteran of the Concrete Jungle:
Despite his young age, Edgar has seen much of the weird part of the world.
Connections (Danny Cohen): He has an unknown connection to Danny Cohen.
McGyver: He has an uncanny ability to improvise his tools of trade.
Scholar (Occult & Traps): He has studied both the supernatural creatures and how to catch them.
Attractive: Edgar is a handsome young man. He has Charisma +2.
Level-Headed: He doesn’t lose his cool even under stressful situations.
Elan: He is determined to succeed.
Awareness: Edgar constantly studies his surroundings and other people.


Edgar Yardland isn’t the center of the party, and he prefers it that way. He’s silent but effective agent against the forces of The Fear, not for his combat skills but for his knowledge of the things he fights. He avoids talking about his past and motives, and doesn’t tolerate people who get in the way of his work or aid The Fear – be it knowingly or not.

a letter of recommendation

of Edgar S. Yardland

Mr. Yardland worked for me as a Private Investigator for over three years and has proven himself as a capable, smart and efficient invidual both in the field and in the office. He doesn’t run into trouble head-on, but prefers to conjure a cunning plan based on the evidence and circumstances of the case. Countless times I have witnessed him taking the suspect in while my other employees are still asking door-to-door for eyewitnesses. That said, he has a habit of operating on his own so I’d recommend making sure he has a private office, preferably one with a lock in the door, where he can craft those wonderful plans of his in peace. His methods may seem odd, for example reading fiction novels when there’s a killer loose, but take my word for it: he will have results.

When investigating a new case, he is best given at least two specialists under his command: one who excels at gathering information and one who can defend the civilians in case of an emergency. If there is a high risk of a firefight, Mr. Yardland can use a doctor of medicine and a strong man with a mean right hook.

As a person I find him likeable and easy to work with. He doesn’t bother others with unnecessary chitchat and is quite the handyman. I’ve saved a fortune in broken chairs alone as I haven’t had the need for expensive craftsmen, Mr. Yardland has fixed the furniture and machines with some creative uses of office supplies.

Mr. Dwight Shelton
Big M & Co Private Investigators
City of Lost Angels, California

Edgar Yardland

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