Deadlands Noir: Chicago Nights

The Beginning of the End

Edgar Yardland's Final Words

Chicago. A lot has happened in these few months since the infamous Black Christmas. There has been arson, murder, blackmailing, kidnapping, vices… And whole lot of more which is best kept silent about. However, it hasn’t been all bad. Chicago got her new golden boy in “Ragin’ Rex” Mclean. Unfortunately for him, and for all those in need of hope, The Breaker broke him. Ragin’ Rex lives, but not as a man, but as something else. Something more, something less. Did he ask for it? Nobody knows.

Something happened beneath the streets of Chicago, in the abandoned tunnels. It wasn’t as public as Ragin’ Bull vs. The Breaker, but not any less important. A notorious spiritual hazard, and important part of the Irish mob’s Dannerjack operation, Blackline was exorcised. Many brave soul didn’t make it back, and a wolf among the sheep was revealed. He is gone, for now.

The Irish have lost an important asset, and wise money bets on that they don’t let it go quietly. Forces of the Reckoning are out of sight, but not necessarily out of reach. The people of Chicago haven’t had it this good for a while, but this is just the calm before the storm. What is coming down will be dangerous. There will be casualties. I cannot ask any of you to join the fight, but I will defend my city. The people need us to keep their spirits up, and after all this is said and done, we need them to hope again.

I know we haven’t always agreed on everything, but this is a common cause for every one of us. Although we might have to fight in the dark, out of sight, we can be triumphant. After this meeting, you will not see me anymore. I have outstayed my welcome for now, and I will leave the city to heal after I’ve done my part.

Be prepared for anything, as long as it takes.


Honk1n Jaakkosakari

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