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In Windy City everyone’s at a take. City Hall, Flatfoots of CPD, even cops in the beat. Everyone paid to turn a blind eye and bury the truths beneath mountains of lies, threats and bureaucracy. As you see, information is a good friend and powerful weapon in a city like this and if that’s what you need, this is just the place.


Calendar of 1927

Setting Rules

See Deadlands Noir for
– Detective work
– Knockout Blows
– Second Wind
– Social Conflicts
– Tailing

Significant Items
– Chicago Nights uses a simplified encumbrance system that defines Load Limit in significant items rather than in pounds. A significant item is one that weighs roughly 5-14 pounds, and you can carry a number of such items equal to half your Strength without penalty.
Particularly heavy items may count as two or more significant items; divide their weight in pounds by 10 and round to the nearest whole number to determine how many items they count as. If you’re carrying a lot of small items, they may collectively be classified as a significant item, at the GM’s discretion. [Credit goes to Zadmar’s Savage Armoury]

Main Page

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